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Baidu Released Its Blockchain White Paper for the First Time


On September 26, Baidu Blockchain Lab released “Baidu Blockchain White Paper V1.0” for the first time. This white paper pays high attention to introduce the three core technologies which are the self-developed XuperChain by the lab, the supernode technology and the inter-chain parallel technology. The white paper also specifically expounds the product like Totem or Baidu Baike’s landing progress that combines with the super chain in six areas such as copyright and information traceability, etc.


100% Self-developed, XuperChain Breaks Through the Industry Storage Computing Power Bottleneck


It is reported that Baidu’s XuperChain is 100% self-developed and has over 50 patents, which aims for providing the systematic solution for the blockchain era 3.0.

While computing power and storage are released, inter-chain parallel technology and stereo network technology maximize the use of blockchain performance. These multiple technologies overlays achieve XuperChain’s single chain performance while allowing the XuperChain to manage a large number of parallel chains and achieve overall network performance flexibility. Each parallel chain can determine its own consensus mechanism so that different developers can meet the different requirements in different fields. The XuperChain has reached 100,000 TPS per single chain and tens of millions of TPS systems.

In addition, the XuperChain is compatible with the blockchain developer ecosystem, not only establish a pluggable consensus mechanism, but it can also solve the current energy consumption problems, which has greatly improved performance, capacity and security.


The first six applications have landed, Enrich Baidu’s Ecological Scenes


The white paper mentioned that Baidu combines the advantages of XuperChain technology with AI and big data, and has launched six major applications such as Totem, Baidu Baike and Baidu Huixue, etc.

Using Blockchain, Totem would allow more transparency into image rights and the licensing process. The platform would also take advantage of Baidu’s Artificial Intelligence technology to monitor any copyright violations across the web. Totem conducts network infringement monitoring of original works, quickly produces visual data reports, and entrusts lawyers to initiate rights protection online. The copyright information of the work is permanently written into the blockchain. Based on the credibility and incomprehensibility of the blockchain, combined with Baidu’s leading artificial intelligence technology, the dissemination of the work can be traceable, reprintable, monitorable, and change the copyright of traditional pictures.

Baidu totem (Baidu Original Picture Platform based blockchain)

With the rapid development of the Internet and after entering the digital era, the amount of global information has doubled every two years. The explosive growth of information has also produced a series of problems, such as the diversification of information sources leads to the decline of the reliability of information. In the field of information traceability, the XuperChain technology supports Baidu Baike to ensure that the contents submitted by the editors for submission, content review can be traced back. Super chain allows the previous versions of Baike can be accurately preserved, further enhancing the authority and credibility of the contents.

In the field of individual information management, especially in education information, there are problems such as incomplete information, unreality, and the immature certification system for non-academic education. The XuperChain cooperates with Baidu Education Innovation Project Baidu Xuehui, has launched a new blockchain-based educational information authentication service platform. Baidu Xuehui creates a comprehensive and credible information authentication service platform through the blockchain technology. By authorizing AI, users can automatically generate a credible resume to help quickly match with the employers and reduce the employment cost.

Besides these, Baidu also launches other applications.

Tan Dai, the chief architect of Baidu and director of the blockchain laboratory, said at the press conference that the blockchain will become a new ecosystem in the future, and blockchain exploration has been begun in areas of multi-participation, long process and high credit cost fields, such as big data, social media, game, e-commerce, etc. The arrival of the blockchain wave does not mean the end of the Internet era. The Internet + blockchain can empower each other and reshape the value: as an important infrastructure of the “value Internet”, promote a new round of evolution of the Internet; combining with artificial intelligence and big data, the value of technology will be magnified greatly.


Disclaimer: Translated and edited by Christine Tam.

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