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Chinese Internet Gaming Magnate NetEase Embed Blockchain Technology into the game Justice Online


Written by Samantha & Christine from Asiancoinmarket

NetEase blockchain service NBaaS combines blockchain technology with commercial product application and applies it to the domestic martial arts game “Justice Online” to test. It is the first time that NetEase Planet ( provides blockchain technology services for  MMOG, and it is also the first case of landing application of NBaaS.

It is reported that after the mining function is launched, 163 million tokens – “Fuxi Tongbao” will be issued in the game by NBaaS, in which Netease will control the distribution of 90,000 Fuxi Tongbao as the rewards of the special events. Netease will strictly prevent malicious speculations of Fuxi Tongbao by any third party, ensuring the purity of Fuxi Tongbao as a game prop. However, the remaining 76.30 million Fuxi Tongbao will be left to players to mine, with a fixed production of 50,000 tokens per day, and the production will be reduced by 50% every two years, which means that only 25,000 tokens can be taken every day after two years, and so on. After the Fuxi Tongbao being mined out,  it will be no more new output.

Currently, people hold different opinions against it. Some people hold a positive attitude and believe that this can temporarily break the limitations of blockchain games that can only be applied to gambling games or pet raising games. On the contrary, some people believe that game design should focus on researching and developing the storyline of the game. NetEase’s official website claimed that Fuxi Tongbao will be acquired through playing in the game and will be limited to only use in the game. Fuxi Tongbao will not be launched on virtual currency exchanges.

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