2018 Global Media Blockchain Summit


Time: September 12, 2018
Location: Vietnam Nha Trang
Host: BIMG

Conference introduction:

BIMG Global Media Blockchain Summit – Nha Trang, Vietnam, will be held on September 12th!
The biggest highlight of the summit is the gathering of more than 900 global investors, including Hong Kong Benhui, Hui Whale, Infinity, GFX and other funds, domestic node capital, Dfund, linkvc, Tfund, etc. The scale of funds for participating institutions is nearly 100 billion.

The Main Theme of the Meeting:

To Explore high-quality blockchain projects, share the frontiers of financial horizons, and promote the integration of capital technology


BIMG have invited more than 900 investor investment institutions around the world, including Hong Kong Benhui, Hui Whale, Infinity, GFX and other funds to participate, domestic node capital, Dfund, linkvc, Tfund and so on.
More like Du Jun, Zhao Dong, Lin Jiapeng and other blockchain leaders share their views.

About BIMG:

BIMG is one of the largest media consortia of the blockchain industry. Relying on the strong appeal of media such as Forbes
With a mature operating model, BIMG forms the world’s largest media camp dedicated to blockchain information dissemination and is one of the most authoritative organizations in the blockchain industry.
In July 2018, BIMG launched a proposal in Hong Kong, jointly with People’s Daily, CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, Phoenix Satellite TV, World Wide Web, China News Service, Xinhuanet, People.com, South China Morning Post, Forbes, Ta Kung Pao, Wenhui Daily to form a global media blockchain alliance to form a authority with coverage of more than 130 countries and regions, affecting 3 billion people.

How to Participate:

To learn more about the conference, and communicate with more than 900 investors on the spot, you can contact via(goldenblockchainLTD).

ACM as a media support partner,please contact ACM for more information via Email<samantha@asiancoinmarket.com>

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